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Posted 2 years ago
[…] and others that made me giggle alone in my bedroom, like when one young man confessed that he never feels more masculine than when he’s asked to remove a difficult lid.

Laurie Penny: Real men want to talk about sex - when are we going to start listening? - The Independent (via tanbureru)

What follows is a True Story.

In my third year undergraduate final Shakespeare exam I had to answer the following question:

"Masculinity has been made redundant since the invention of the portable aluminium step ladder. Discuss with reference to two or more plays by Shakespeare."

I wrote about Hotspur and Hal, Coriolanus and Aufidius, Troilus and Pandarus. (Got a First.)

Posted 3 years ago
And here, just to lock our minds on to the brain of truly eccentric desire, is a true story. Only a few days ago, as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi faced the wrath of his own people, he met with an old Arab acquaintance and spent 20 minutes out of four hours asking him if he knew of a good surgeon to lift his face. This is – need I say it about this man? – a true story. The old boy looked bad, sagging face, bloated, simply “magnoon” (mad), a comedy actor who had turned to serious tragedy in his last days, desperate for the last make-up lady, the final knock on the theatre door.

[…] Not exactly King Lear, who would “do such things – what they are, yet I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the earth”; more like another dictator in a different bunker, summoning up non-existent armies to save him in his capital, ultimately blaming his own people for his calamity. But forget Hitler. Gaddafi was in a class of his own, Mickey Mouse and Prophet, Batman and Clark Gable and Anthony Quinn playing Omar Mukhtar in Lion of the Desert, Nero and Mussolini (the 1920s version) and, inevitably – the greatest actor of them all – Muammar Gaddafi.
The excellent Robert Fisk on the “sub-Shakespearean farce” of Gaddafi’s life and hopefully approaching demise - via The Independent