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Posted 2 years ago

Charlie Brooker: How to realise David Cameron's vision for Britain's film industry | Comment is free | The Guardian

British film-makers! Put down those clapperboards and pay attention because David Cameron, who happens to be a huge fan of your work – assuming you’re making The King’s Speech II – wants you to focus on films likely to be a “commercial success”. Which presumably is the last thing you want.

Cynics say Cameron knows squit about British films. When that photo of SamCam and Michelle Obama having a coffee morning in the Downing Street flat was released, there didn’t seem to be many British films in the Cameron DVD collection. Not even Carry On Screaming. Mainly US TV boxsets. Oh, and he owns the film Armageddon on DVD. It’s hard not to judge him for that.

To be fair, the photo was taken before The King’s Speech had come out on DVD. Apparently he bought 26 copies of that. Not deliberately – he thought the disc was sticking so he kept buying it again and again, until he realised the lead character had a stutter.